About us

GetGamers is an advertisement platform, our goal is to maximize reveneu from your traffic.

For website owners we offer ad formats that can be used additionally to standard ads and bring in additional revenue:
BackTraffic - ads are shown to visitors, who leave your site with "Back" button
SiteUnder - fullscreen ads that are shown in a new window
Mobile - ads that are shown only to visitors who come from mobile devices


We started in 2012 by creating - an advertisement network for gaming sites. And in first year we participated in several events:

• May 2012: with support of TechHub Riga and LIAA went to Silicon Valley
• June 2012: took part in Seedcamp Mini event in New York
• November 2012 - Startup Sauna accelerator program in Helsinki, Finland

In 2013 we expanded outside gaming vertical and now also offer mobile ads and ecommerce solutions. More info here:

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Meet our team


Kristaps Mors

Founder & CEO


Andis Silakaktins

Director of Sales & Marketing


Madara Tukisa

Account Manager


Kristaps Veveris

Senior Developer

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